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Business owners are skipping the banks and reaching out to alternative lending companies such as Connect2Funding for B2B lending and more. Browse some of the commonly asked questions below. If your questions are not answered, please call our office or reach out via our contact form.

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How do I get funding for my business?

Easy! All you have to do is fill out an application and submit your last three bank statements. From there, our team will review your application and you should receive funding in less than 72 hours.

Will my credit score be affected by applying?

Your credit score will not be affected. We do a soft credit pull which is viewing access only & it does not affect your score.

If I apply, am I obligated to accept funding?

No. An advisor will go over the options that best fit your financial and business needs and provide their professional opinion on your next steps – but you are not obligated to accept funding if you choose not to.

Can I get funding for my business if I have bad personal credit?

Yes! That’s one of the largest factors that set Connect2Funding apart from asking for funding from a bank. We look at the health of your company & the monthly revenue it brings in. If you have at least $10k a month in revenue & a well maintained account, we can get you funded majority of the time.

    What types of services does Connect2Funding provide?

    At Connect2Funding, we provide alternative lending services for businesses nationwide. This includes business-to-business lending, merchant cash advances, and UCC liens.

    What is the maximum amount of funding I can qualify for?

    The maximum amount of funding Connect2Funding allows is $5,000,000.

    How can my business benefit from a merchant cash advance?

    A business can benefit from a merchant cash advance if they have a lot of credit card sales or receivables and need quick working capital with flexible payment options.

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    Do we have to meet in person to get funding?

    No! Unlike traditional banks that require in-person meetings, we can provide alternative lending services entirely virtually. That way we can serve business owners anywhere in the United States.

    Do you fund startup companies?

    Unfortunately no, you would have to be in business for at least 90 days & also show at least $10k in revenue for each of those months.

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